Marlins security guard was apparently hitting a trash can during Alex Bregman's entire at-bat

By | Follow @andyj0seph Though crowds will be at a reduced capacity at most MLB ballparks, the Houston Astros will play regular season games in front of fans for the first time since the cheating scandal took over the 2019 offseason. Last year, we saw glimpses of how fans went to creative lengths to taunt the Astros for the cheating scandal, which included someone shouting from a San Diego condo balcony with a megaphone during the postseason.

Well, you know it’s going to be bad for Houston when even the opposing stadium staff gets in on the heckling. According to Astros beat writer Chandler Rome, a security guard at the Marlins’ Roger Dean Stadium was seen banging on a trash can for the entirety of an Alex Bregman at-bat on Sunday.

What a time to be alive. A member of the ballpark security team at Roger Dean Stadium — wearing an official polo with SECURITY in big letters on the back — just spent Alex Bregman’s entire plate appearance banging a trash can before every pitch.

Bregman struck out looking. — Chandler Rome (@Chandler_Rome) March 21, 2021

Bregman stuck out looking on the at-bat too, so I’ll just credit this security guard for the effort. The Marlins-Astros game was not televised on Sunday, so there’s no video of the at-bat.

But we should expect to see plenty more of this as the MLB season gets underway.

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