“Michael Jordan nodded to his security guard, who then body-slammed me in the casino”: Comedian Hasan Minhaj…

Hasan Minhaj narrates a hilarious story of the time he reached out to Michael Jordan for a high-five but ended up getting body-slammed by his bodyguard

There is arguably no better player than Michael Jordan. He is one of the, if not the, most influential players the league has ever seen. Not did he only have an impact on the league with his game, but also had a reach to his millions of fans around the world.

Despite being retired almost two decades back, Jordan still has one of the biggest fan-followings ever. MJ was the player that was hyped by the media. Brands got him to advertise for him because the people absolutely loved him.

There was no doubt that wherever he went, a whole crowd follows him around. There have been many amusing stories of Jordan and his diehard fans. Hasan Minhaj, an American comedian has been an avid Jordan supporter his whole life.

He revealed a hilarious tale from 2007 when he tried getting a high-five from MJ but ended up getting body-slammed in the middle of the Bellagio Casino, at Las Vegas. On the show, ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, Hasan said:

“I just see him and I just sprint towards Mike. I could just replay all the commercials in my head, just like Nike, Wheaties, Hanes…

I’m reaching out for a high-five. And he sees me.” “And then he nods to his security guard like this, and his security guard grabs me by the neck, just lifts me up, and boom!

Just body-slams me into the ground, and the whole casino stops. And he just walked off into the night.”
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Hasan Minhaj speaks about how Jimmy Fallon got to kiss Michael Jordan

Although, it was a younger Hasan Minhaj who should’ve known better. Michael Jordan is a 6-time NBA champion and 5-time NBA MVP. One just can’t sprint towards the walking legend and expect his guards to not do anything.

But, surprisingly, the first time Jimmy Fallon met the Bulls legend, he somehow managed to kiss Jordan that too on his lips. Fallon, funnily, also clarified that Jordan didn’t really like to be kissed rho To this, Hasan hilarious complained and said: “He (Jimmy) met Michael Jordan, and you kissed him on the lips.

No body-slam. Meanwhile, I got in for the high-five, and borderline a hate crime breaks out in the Bellagio Casino.” Also Read: “Michael Jordan rejected Johnson & Johnson because he was going bald”: When the Bulls legend turned down a big-money deal from lifestyle brand

Definitely, Michael is one of the biggest sporting icons in the whole world.

He isn’t only famous in the basketball world, but his achievements have been celebrated amongst all sports enthusiasts over the world.

We are truly lucky to be able to witness a generational type of player like Michael Jordan.

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