Police at St Mary's Infants, Newton after dangerous driving reports

POLICE were in place near to a primary school infant building after reports of dangerous driving in the area. Officers were at St Mary’s Infant School, on Victoria Road, Newton-le-Willows on Thursday, March 18. This was following a report of the crossing patrol at the school having a “near miss” with a speeding vehicle.

Police are investigating the matter. READ > Police update on two women arrested after drugs and weapons seized In a statement on Facebook yesterday, St Helens Police said: “Local Policing officers from Newton this afternoon were present on Victoria Road dealing with reports of dangerous driving and parking offences.

“This was following on from an incident yesterday where the crossing patrol had a near miss with a speeding vehicle. “An investigation into this matter is currently ongoing “Ref : MP-20210317-0638

“Any information please contact @Merpolcc.”

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