Yale IA-210 Intruder Alarm starter Kit, Phone Call Alerts, 6 Piece Kit, Pet Friendly PIR Sensor, Door Sensor, Contactless Access Control, White, 200 m Range, DIY Friendly Set up

SALE PRICE: £197.00

  • Contactless control – Disarm your alarm with one simple tap
  • Extended 200m wireless range – secure all areas of your home within a 200m range
  • Enhanced encrypted security – professional level security, reducing the risk of interference
  • Phone CALL alerts – receive immediate Phone alerts when your alarm is triggered
  • Part-arm – secure your home even when you are in, with zone control

Product description

Style Name:Starter Kit

The Yale intruder alarm alerts you when your alarm is triggered, and allows you to disarm your alarm with a simple tap of your One-touch tag. The 200m range enables you to protect outbuildings as well as your home, with enhanced encrypted security for the Ultimate peace of mind. When you’re at home, the handy part-arming feature allows you to customise which areas of your home you want protected. The pre-linked battery powered Wireless components are ready to go straight from the box, so you’ll have your home secured quicker than you think!

Weight: 2.52 kg
Dimensions: 265 x 265 x 125 cm; 2.52 Kilograms
Model: IA-210
Part: IA-210
Colour: White
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Alkaline
Manufacture: Yale
Colour: White
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

Increased 200m Range

Ideal for protecting all sizes of home, this 200m long reach range is ideal for protecting your shed, garage and home within one system, without the need for a signal booster.

Contactless Control

Using the Yale contactless Tag, you can now disarm your alarm with a simple tap of your tag on the control panel.

The simplicity of the tag also makes this ideal for friends and family, who can then disarm your alarm without the need for you to share and remember your PIN code.

Phone Call Alerts

We hope that your alarm is never needed, however should it be triggered your alarm will call up to 4 pre-programmed phone numbers with an alert so that you stay in full control.


Customise your system to ignore specific sensors when in part-armed mode for full zone control.

Ideal for night time when you want to move around freely upstairs and keep the house secure downstairs or for keeping large or lively pets in specific rooms without the worry of false alarms.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Sensors Allow your pets to roam free, whilst your home is secure, thanks to Yale’s Pet Friendly Motion Detectors. Ideal for homes with free roaming pets with a combined total weight of under 27kg.

(NOTE: Standard on the IA-230 Only, optional accessory on IA-210 & IA-220 ranges)

Enhanced Encrypted Security

A DIY alarm system with professional features. The Intruder Alert alarm range has bi-directional encrypted wireless technology and will notify you in the event a device is tampered with.

Contactless Control
Extended Wireless 200m Range
Phone Call Alerts
No Monthly Fee
Part Arming
Easy to Fit
Key Fob
Pet Friendly Motion Detectors