Lifreer Fence Spikes 1.5M/4.9Feet Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, Anti Climb Security Wall Fence Pigeons Small Birds Spikes with 3 Metre Double Sided Strong Adhesive Nano Strips

SALE PRICE: £14.99

  • Package Includes: 6 packs separate 25cm sections of spikes and 1roll 3m no-trace adhesive stripes. Each pack spikes has 12pcs spikes. With double-sided adhesive stripes, very easy to install the bird spikes in any places you want.
  • Effective Friendly Bird Spikes: These robust bird deterrent spikes for large birds and small birds can effectively stop different animals from landing on your window ledges, fences, rooftops, patio or anywhere they land or roost to avoid damage. They act as a visual and physical deterrent which don’t allow animals to have access to a certain covered area.
  • Long-Use: This fence spikes are made of 304 stainless steel, not rust or weaken when exposed to the elements or leave unsightly rust stains on your property. It can use for a long time.
  • Easy to Use: The spikes strips are with pre-drilled holes along the base, just slide metal spikes through, fix the flexible base to any surface. Then you can use the adhesive stripes to fix in window ledges, fences, rooftops, patio or anywhere they land or roost.
  • Wide Application: The pigeons spikes not only can protect birds from landing in the protected building, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hotels and restaurants, but also can prevent burglars and other intruders from climbing on your fences.

Product description


Effective Method
Physical barriers are the most effective way to keep birds off. Wherever applied, physical barriers eliminate the ability to land and perch.
You could install the bird spikes in the garden to keep cats from trampling flowers. It also prevent birds from landing anywhere!

Unobtrusive Design
Bird point deterrents (also known as bird spikes) offer an immediate and effective solution to rid an area of pest bird species.
The spikes can be fitted to most outside surfaces, preventing problems associated with birds landing on ledges and leaving unsightly, hazardous droppings.

Stainless steel bird spikes are an economical solution to keep birds from landing and roosting where they should not.
Useful against crows, pigeons, vultures, raptors, do not harm birds. This bird spikes act as a deterrent, stopping birds from being able to land.

With Double Sided Tape
The self adhesive tape is made of high-quality acrylic. It is applicable to tile, glass, wood, metal, plastic,etc.
You can use this tape to fix fence spikes in fence, woof, window and other place.

Package includes
6pcs 25cm bird spikes
1roll 3m self-adhesive tape

Dimensions: 26.4 x 13.3 x 3.4 cm; 420 Grams
Manufacture: Lifreer