Police report, 5/27/21

Note: Arrest and incident information, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review at the respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

ARRESTS/CITATIONS ? Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

? Catherine Melody Fail, Kennedy Bridge Road, Register — Driving while license suspended or revoked/misdemeanor, obstruction of law enforcement officers/misdemeanor, tag lights required, possession of cocaine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.  ?

Ashley Forshaley Polk, 40, Lockett Road, Register — Possession of cocaine, obstruction of law enforcement officers/misdemeanor, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz. ? Christopher Darrell McCoy, 35, Pine Mountain Drive, Vidalia — Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon or first offender.

? Statesboro Police Department ?

Shaquana Oglesby, 30, Pitt-Moore Road — Affray. ? Georgia State Patrol Post 45

? Luigi Isaiah Lockhart, 19, Saddle Brook Drive, Richmond Hill — DUI less safe glue or toxic vapor, driving while license suspended or revoked/misdemeanor, purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana. ?

Shannon Nicole Locklear, 32, Starling Road, Pembroke — Speeding in excess of maximum limits, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz. ? Eris Darnell Hardwick, 50, Yamacraw Village, Savannah — DUI less safe alcohol, open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, driving while license suspended or revoked/misdemeanor, failure to signal when turning or changing lanes, improper turn.

? Chance Alexander Harkins, 26, Dogwood Drive, Sylvania — Purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana, possession of Schedule I or II controlled substance, failure to maintain lane, holding/supporting wireless communications device. INCIDENTS

? Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office ?

KENNEDY BRIDGE ROAD — Complainant said the catalytic converter had been stolen off of a church van. He was taking the van to be serviced when he noticed the theft. The church does not employ cameras, so there are no suspects at this time.

? OLD REGISTER WAY — Complainant said the catalytic converter had been stolen from a church van. He said the vehicle had been at the church for three months and he does not know when the converter was taken.

No suspects at this time.   ? CEDAR WOOD ACRES — Complainant said she was taking a nap and when she woke up, she noticed her dead bolt had been tampered with.

She said she also saw a screw on her outside steps she had never seen before. She said she had no idea who might have done this.   ?

OLD HAPPY LANE — Complainant said her nephew has been trespassing on her property for some time. She said she doesn’t want him to ever come back to her property. Contact was made with the nephew and he was told not to go to his aunt’s property anymore.

He acknowledged receiving the criminal trespass warning. ? COWBOY WAY — Complainant said he was in his yard when his neighbor came across the road with a 2×4 and threatened to hit him.

He said there was no physical altercation. He said he has had numerous verbal incidents with his neighbor and he doesn’t want him on his property. In speaking with the offender, he said his son and the complainant had several arguments, but he didn’t get involved until he heard the complainant had insulted his deceased wife.

That was when he walked across the road to the complainant’s property. He was served with a criminal trespass warning. ?

BLACK CREEK CHURCH ROAD — Complainant said he had received several messages from his niece that he could make money from a particular app. He later found out that his niece’s account was hacked and she was not the one sending him messages. Complainant said he sent the caller copies of his driver’s license and Social Security card.

He said he also sent his password to his Cash App account, but the account is not tied to any bank account. He said the offender said he wanted £50 to give his information back, but he did not send it. ?

US 301 NORTH — Complainant said a man came to his store and took a drink and bag of donuts without paying for them. He then went outside and began behaving erratically in front of the store. Complainant said he did not want to press charges, but he wanted the man served with a criminal trespass warning.

The man then complained of foot pain and was transported to East Georgia Regional Medical Center. ? PARKWOOD RV PARK — Complainant said his motorcycle was stolen.

After a brief investigation, the motorcycle was located at a neighboring mobile home park and returned to the owner. ? HUNTER’S WAY — Complainant said they observed a man in a car trespassing and laying drag nearing their home.

Complainant said he followed the man and when he attempted to speak with him at his residence, the man pulled a gun and threatened to shoot him. In investigating the matter, deputies attempted to speak with the alleged offender, but he refused to open the door. A warrant will be issued for the man for obstruction of law enforcement officers.

The complainant was advised of Magistrate Court procedures to swear out a warrant for terroristic threats. ? GABBIES RUN — Complainant said a woman she was living with was moving out of her residence and she noticed her TV was missing from her room.

Complainant said she spoke with the woman who said she would bring back the TV if the complainant gave back the Apple watch she gave her. Complainant said the woman also threatened to tear up the house. Complainant gave back the Apple watch and the house key was returned to her.

A criminal trespass warning was issued to the woman. ? SIMONS ROAD — Complainant said she received a letter from the Small Business Administration that an attempt to take out a loan was flagged as fraudulent and not processed.

She contacted the company and they advised her to fill out a police report in case of future issues. ? HENRY FUTCH ROAD — Complainant said he had been evicted from his home and the landlord told him he would give him some time to remove his belongings.

Complainant said he had to be hospitalized for hand surgery and he received several texts and a call from the landlord to come retrieve his property. Upon release, he went to gather his belongings and found new tenants had already moved in. He asked them if they wanted to buy the shop that was there from him for £4,500.

Complainant said he was told the shop came with the property. Complainant was advised of remedies he could pursue if the landlord and tenants would not work with him. BULLOCH 911 REPORTS 

? Brooklet Police Department — Two calls Monday; one call Tuesday. ?

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office — 27 calls Monday; 16 calls Tuesday. ? Candler County Sheriff’s Office — Five calls Monday; 10 calls Tuesday.

? Claxton Police Department — Six call Monday; five calls Tuesday. ?

Evans County Sheriff’s Office — Five calls Monday; five calls Tuesday. ? Georgia State Patrol Post 45 — Five calls Monday; three calls Tuesday.

? Georgia Southern Police Department — One call Monday; three calls Tuesday. ?

Metter Police Department — Five calls Monday; three calls Tuesday. ? Statesboro Police Department — 25 calls Monday; 32 calls Tuesday.

   ? Fire Departments 

? Bulloch County Fire Department — Four calls Tuesday. ?

Metter Fire Department — One call Tuesday. ? Statesboro Fire Department — One call Monday; five calls Tuesday.

? Georgia Forestry Bulloch — One call Tuesday. ?

Emergency Medical Services  ? Bulloch County EMS — Four accident calls and 29 medical calls Monday; four accident calls, one first-responder call and 17 medical calls Tuesday.

? Candler County EMS — Six medical calls Monday; seven medical calls Tuesday. ?

Evans County EMS — Seven medical calls Monday; six medical calls Tuesday.    ?

Other Agencies  ?

911 hang-ups — 49 calls Monday; 44 calls Tuesday. ?

Bryan County 911 — Two calls Monday ? Screven County 911 — One call Monday.

? Chatham County 911 — Two calls Monday. ?

Other agencies — Five calls Tuesday.

— compiled by Jim Healy

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