PSB Youth lodges police report against fake Facebook account

Sze (right) and Rayong at the Sungai Maong Police Station to lodge the police report. – Borneo Post pic

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KUCHING, May 19 – Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) Youth wing lodged a police report on Monday against a Facebook account that bears resemblance to the party’s official Facebook page. According to the PSB Youth members, the clone account was created by individuals who are out to tarnish the name of the party because it uploaded controversial, obscene and slanderous postings using the name of the party. “We want members of the public to know that there is a false Facebook page which uses the name and logo of PSB, and looks like the official PSB Facebook page.

It is a fake PSB Facebook page that was created by irresponsible individuals to sabotage the party,” said a PSB Youth member who asked not to be identified. The police report was lodged by the administrator of the PSB Facebook page, Sze Kuan San, at the Sungai Maong Police station after the discovery of the clone Facebook page. PSB Youth members also revealed that the clone Facebook page had created postings in the form of caricatures, sentences and graphics that were provocative, as well as false and inaccurate statements on the mission and vision of PSB.

“In every posting of the clone Facebook page, it invites people to hate PSB by uploading posting which makes PSB look like it is a racist party, promoting sectarianism, disparaging racial unity in Sarawak while saying that the PSB leadership lacks integrity and cannot be trusted, ” said the member. Members of the PSB Youth group who lodged the report submitted screen grabs of the irresponsible postings by the clone page to the police. PSB Youth said in a statement the clone Facebook page was created because PSB is now very well received by all voters at various levels.

Also accompanying Sze to lodge the police report was PSB Youth Chief and Engkilili assemblyman Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa. – Borneo Post

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