MicroFlex Midknight Touch Black Nitrile Gloves – Medium (Pack of 100)

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About this item

  • Enhanced dexterity and tactility in a thin, yet strong design.
  • Distinctive black colour provides contrast while also hiding the appearance of oils, bodily fluids, and other stains.
  • ERGOFORM Design Technology reduces muscle strain during repetitive tasks, improving worker comfort and productivity.
  • Textured on the fingertips for secure handling of instruments and materials
  • Silicone free to ensure advanced product protection.

Product description

Size Name:M

93-732 Microflex Midnight Touch Black Nitrile Gloves by Ansell. Provides excellent dexterity along with enhanced comfort fit and feels. Excellent for food service, cosmetics, tattoo, healthcare, automotive industry, chemical, emergency medical services, law enforcement and life sciences.

SKU: B08NW563R5