1 Roll Precut Serial Numbered Tri-Color Tamper Evident Security Void Tape (45mm x 50m/roll, 100% Total Transfer – TamperSeals)

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About this item

  • ✅ 【THE LATEST AND HIGHEST SECURITY TAPE】 – In addition to the hidden “VOIDOPEN” message, the Tri-colour tape will separate into 2 distinct colours if triggered. This feature is what makes the tape so secure and highest security, you can see at a glance if package has been opened!
  • ✅ 【PRE-ASSIGNED SERIAL NUMBERS FOR ADDED SECURITY 】- Unique Serial Numbers are ideal for added security to record it on the bill of lading and provide traceability for your assets, making the replacement of the same tape impossible.
  • ✅ 【EASY TO TEAR BY HAND, NO SCISSORS NEEDED】– Every 6 inches (the open length of A3/A4 envelope) in tape repeated a perforation, which will surely help you tear off the tape by hand very easily, and avoid any complaint “tape may stick to scissors when cut”.
  • ✅ 【NO WAITING PERIOD TO REVEAL “VOID” 】- Security hidden messages will be 100% totally transfered to the application surface immediately in a FEW SECONDS if attempts are made at removal of tape, while other security tapes usually needed at least a few minutes to reveal “void”.
  • ✅ 【UNIQUE PLASTIC CORE & PROTECTIVE FLIM LAMINATED ON EACH TAPE】- Unlike others’ paper core, we use a 3” plastic core and laminate film on each security tape for you to get a clean and beautiful appearance.

Product description

In addition to the tamper evident feature, you can choose Tri-color security tape with additional serial numbers to obtain MAX security (record the number as needed for added security)!

The Tri-colour tape is made of high quality adhesive which makes it suitable for most applied surface, and this tape will change the color from Cyan to Green and Red if tampered

This is a single use item. Not recommended for any application where the adhesive may be ingested by humans or animals.

Before applying the tape it is necessary:

Tapes must not be exposed to temperatures over 100°F (37°С) during shipment or storage. Temperatures over 100°F can damage the tapes and shorten the shelf life. We do not accept any responsibility for tapes exposed to temperatures over 100°F.

Recommended Application:
1.If needed, clean the application surface with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol prior to affixing the tape.
2.Apply security tape to the clean & dry surface at or above the recommended application temperature.

On the recommended surfaces at 70°F, the tamper evident feature should be functional within 1 minute of application. Other surfaces or lower temperatures may require more curing time. If the tamper evident feature does not perform immediately, more curing time usually improves the performance of the tamper evident feature. For best results, allow 1 hour curing time after application.

General Minimum Application Temperature: +40°F.

Service Temperature Range: -40°F to +160°F.

1.Storage Temperature: 40°F to 100°F.
2.Storage Humidity: 20% to 60%.
3.Minimum Shelf Life: 2 Years.

To use this item better, pls download Technical Specification from https://www.securitydiscounts.uk/dp/B07R7S8XR5 directly.

Weight: 99 g
Size: 2" x 55 Yards
Dimensions: 10.92 x 10.67 x 5.33 cm; 99.22 Grams
Model: TriColor4550
Part: TSG180808
Colour: Precut + Serial Nos. + Tri Color
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: TamperSeals Group
Colour: Precut + Serial Nos. + Tri Color
Quantity: 1
Size: 2" x 55 Yards