12/27/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Access National Security News HERE. Access Korean News HERE. National Security News Content:

1. Designed to Prepare for Cyberattacks, a Panel Wraps Up Its Work
2. Putin Is Only Pretending to Be Crazy on Ukraine

Richard Marcinko, first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six, dies
4. The Real Crisis of Global Order
5. Doing Less to Do Better: Why the Military Can’t Solve Its Overwork Problem (book review)

The Promise of Hydrogen: An Alternative Fuel at the Intersection of Climate Policy and Lethality
7. Analyzing Social Media as a Means to Undermine the United States
8. Ukraine on the Edge

UK Minister Damian Hinds names Russia, China, Iran, North Korea in ‘hostile nations’
10. The Middle East is stuck in the crosshairs of a worsening US-China rivalry
11. Sweden’s top general on watching Russia and responding to an invasion of Ukraine

Norway Intelligence alleges Russia of carrying out cyber attacks; Kremlin denies claims
13. Joe Biden in a Multipolar World
14. Dutch have brought 573 people out of Kabul since evacuations ended

Taking Down the Caliphate: The story of an ad-hoc SOF task force that helped turn the tide against the Islamic state
16. Ukraine crisis: how Putin feeds off anger over Nato’s eastward expansion
17. Why some of the smartest people can be so very stupid

How Many Books Does It Take to Make a Place Feel Like Home?
19. Opinion | The ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Oregonian, a New York judge and the true meaning of the First Amendment
  Korean News Content:

1. Security on the back burner (South Korea)
2. Conflict between Korea and USFK simmers

Ukraine feud poses downside risk to Korea
4. In giants’ footsteps (South Korean politics)
5. New war plans don’t target China’s regional military activities: Seoul

S. Korea’s military to deploy homegrown surveillance drones by 2031
7. NK’s nuclear problem requires both peace and denuclearization tracks: Lee’s aide

Yongsan Park to include former DAPA, military apartment land
Addiction and trafficking plummet as methamphetamine prices skyrocket.
10. Ex-USFK Chief Calls for War Plan Against China

S. Hamgyong Province conducts review of recent People’s Consumer Goods Exposition
12. Seoul urges N.

Korea to start new year by opening door for dialogue
13. N. Korea expands online education for workers: state media

In ‘Beasts of a Little Land,’ a portrait of Korea’s quest for independence

Civic groups slam pardon for jailed ex-S.Korean Prez

Bank Fined for Violating North Korea Sanctions

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