1/3/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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1. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has coronavirus, symptoms ‘mild’
2. Angst over China, Russia lessens chance of US nuke changes

Even My Business-School Students Have Doubts About Capitalism
4. Twitter permanently bans U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Biden vows US to act decisively if Russia invades Ukraine
6. The United States Should Avoid Waging a Two-Front Cold War
7. Chinese ‘brain control’ warfare work revealed

Exclusive: Secret commandos with shoot-to-kill authority were at the Capitol
9. Rising Threat From China Pushes U.S. and Japan to Deepen Military Cooperation
10. US names two women to senior diplomatic posts for Afghanistan

Taiwan president warns China over ‘military adventurism’
12. Why does the West think China wants global hegemony?
13. The English Voice of ISIS Speaks Out Against the Group

IntelBrief: Geopolitical Trends to Watch in 2022 – The Soufan Center
15. Stop counting warships. China’s special-operations forces are Taiwan’s real problem.

The Biden Team Knows Its Iran Policy Is Failing
17.  1 in 3 Americans say violence against government can be justified, citing fears of political schism, pandemic
18. U.S. on Sidelines as China and Other Asia-Pacific Nations Launch Trade Pact Korean News Content:

1. Weekend border crosser identified as N. Korean defector: S.

Korea’s military
2. Graffiti criticizing Kim Jong Un recently discovered in Pyongyang
3. Sanctions give NK ‘justification’ for nukes: senior diplomatic official

NK is one year closer to perfecting nuclear weapons due to Biden’s policy: Bolton
5. South Korean government calendars celebrate North Korean holidays
6. Lee Jae-myung demands OPCON transfer

S. Korean military launches branch dedicated to enhancing military space power
8. President’s New Year speech slammed for failing to reflect reality

Moon pledges to pursue ‘irreversible path to peace’ with N. Korea until his term ends
10. North Korean authorities authorize plan to sell pine nuts to the Chinese through Nampo Port

South Korean soldier makes rare defection to Kim Jong-un’s North
12. How Uygur and North Korea human rights activists can join forces to keep slave-made goods out of your closet
13. China and North Korea: A New Peak of Comradeship

Military criticized for continued border control failures

North Korea’s Strategic Vision for 2022: Focus on Rural Development

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