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Hanbaili Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset with PTT and Microphone for Baofeng UV-5RA 5RB 5RC 5RD 5RE 5RE+ BF-666S 777S 888S Kenwood Pro Talk RELM

£11.89 £7.89


Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Line Length: 12cm
Model: K head
Features: PTT button
Weight: 40g
Packing List:
Silicone Ear Caps*1

Applicable Model:
Baofeng: UV-5RA UV-5RB UV-5RC UV-5RD UV-5RE UV-5RE+ BF-666S BF-777S BF-888S
Kenwood : TK-208 TK-220 TK-240 TK-240DTK-248 TK-250 TK-260 TK-260G TK-270 TK-270G
TK-308 TK-320 TK-340 TK-340D TK-348 TK-350 TK-353 TK-360 TK-360G TK-370 TK-370G
TK-372G TK-373G TK-378 TK-378G TK-430 TK-431TK-2100(Pro Talk)
TK-2102(Pro Power) TK-2130(Pro Talk XLS) TK-2160 TK-3100
(Pro Talk) TK-3101 (Free Talk XL) TK-3102 (Pro Power)
TK-3107 TK-3118 TK-3130(Pro Talk XLS) TK-3131(Free Talk XLS) TK3160
RELM : RPU416 RPV516 RPU499 RPV599X
WOUXUN : KG-UVD1 KG-UVD1P KG669 KG659 KG679 KG689 KG639 KG699 KG801
PUXING : PX-777 PX777PLUS PX333 PX888 PX328 PX999 PX-666
Linton : LT-2288 LT-3288 LT-6288 LT-5288 LT-3188 LT-2188 LT-3260 LT-2268
LT-3268 LT6288 LT6188 LT3288
WEIERWEI : VEV-3288S VEV-6288 VEV-3288


  • A 2 pinSD© earpiece headset with directional and extremely durable PTT microphone, providing you clear sound performance without distortion for both listen and talk. Provides excellent durability, reliability and performance in low-profile environment.
  • Soft Earhook that fit comfortably when wearing, can be on either ear. The earbud fits snugly in the left or right ear with easy and keeps your conversations private.
  • Clip this hands freeSD© earpiece onto your shirt and begin using yourSD© radio device to communicate discretely and easily, whether you’re inSD© security, retail, or hospitality.
  • Ideal for demanding covertSD© security applications where sound clarity andSD© earpiece durability are of paramount importance. Suitable for police, military, nightclubs, bars, paintball, security, restaurants, hotels, bouncer, warehouses, and noisy environments.
  • Works with Baofeng UV-5RA UV-5RB UV-5RC UV-5RD UV-5RE UV-5RE+ BF-666S BF-777S BF-888S, Kenwood TK-208 TK-220 TK-240 TK-240DTK-248 TK-250 TK-260 TK-260G TK-270 TK-270G, RELM, Wouxun, Quansheng, Puxing, Linton and WEIERWEI. See more models in the description below.