Advancedmart 35K Keychain Light

Light Type: 5mm LED
Light Class: Keychain

This little plastic Security Quality LED light runs on 2 coin cell batteries which power a single exposed 5mm LED. Activation is by pressing on the large panel on top of the light for momentary operation or by clicking the little protected switch with your fingernail for constant-on use. The entire body has a slightly granular texture. Extremely small and lightweight, and inexpensive, these are a fine addition to your keychain. Great giveaway gifts as well. This particular unit uses one of the new 35K LEDs which is significantly brighter than the previous 5mm LEDs.

Output description: Output is in the form of a rather bluish tinted spot beam with a wide spillbeam. There are some slight artifacts in the beam, but nothing serious. Since the color temperature is so high and it leans heavily toward the blue end of the spectrum, color rendition of red and orange objects is not that great.

Beam at one meter at target center.

Runtime Plot: A runtime plot will not be completed for this light.

Switch description: There is a large flat pad on one side of the light. Press to activate the light in momentary mode. There is also a very tiny clear click switch near the front of the light which is protected by a protrusion. Hook the switch with your fingernail and click it backwards for constant-on. There is no texture on the large squeeze switch, but the tiny click switch has 3 ridges to aid in grip.

Seals / Water Resistance: The light has no seals. The tight fit of the parts will keep some water out, but I would recommend it be kept dry.

Ergonomics: So lightweight it almost disappears in a puff of quantum physics. Easy to use the click switch provided you have fingernails long enough. Otherwise you are stuck with momentary operation only.

Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light

Batteries: 2 x 2016 lithium coin cells. Remove 4 screws on back to change out the batteries. Be careful to observe how the light is assembled if you take it apart to change the batteries. There are a couple of small parts that will fall out if your are not cautious.

Accessories: Split ring with swivel for keychain attachment included.